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Rabbi Brad on Finding God in the Midst of Fear

Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield chats with Father Dave about the fears around Coronavirus and how we can find God during such a difficult time.

Father Dave Shares Advice for Practicing Our Faith While Unable to Attend Mass

Father Dave answers questions about practicing our faith while unable to attend Mass in person in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy Camp

Christian music star Jeremy Camp discusses the new film, “I Still Believe,” based on his autobiography.

Rebecca Bender on Surviving Human Trafficking

Rebecca Bender discusses her new book, “In Pursuit of Love: One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant,” which shares her story of surviving six years of human trafficking and how her faith helped her find healing.

Bishop Barron on The Real Presence in the Eucharist

Ash Wednesday Preaching Advice

Rabbi Brad on Absalom and Experiencing God’s Love for Us

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield chats with Father Dave and Christina about a recent homily preached by Pope Francis. 

Sarah Maurer

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week With Sr. Marie Pappas

Sr. Marie Pappas, fellow Catholic Channel host and former Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of New York, chats with Father Dave about Catholic education during National Catholic Schools Week. 

How Do I Accept Those I Disagree With?