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Los Pastores De Belen

Los Pastores de Belen   This play, which originated in Spain in the 12th century depicts the story of the birth of Jesus.  It tells about the shepherds traveling towards Bethlehem after El Angel Miguel (Michael the Archangel) appears to them to follow the star to Bethlehem where they will find the baby laying in a manger, who is the savior of the world.  Along their journey, they are distracted by el demonio (devil) to them from arriving at their destination.  Eventually Michael the Archangel defeats the devil and los pastores arrive to where Jesus is and sing songs of adoration and recite verses to Him as they present humble gifts to the Baby.  The play is done in Spanish, but by the actions everyone that sees it will understand it.  We present this production the first 3 week of December all around New Mexico and sometimes other states also. We ask people of all faiths to participate in our production.  If interested, please contact the Parish Office.