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Browsing News Entries

Trusting God Through Hardships With Brother Lawrence and Joni Eareckson Tada

We all encounter suffering in life, and Father Dave welcomes Joni Eareckson Tada to offer hope in difficult situations. She is an author, radio host, and worldwide advocate for those with disabilities who became a quadriplegic at age 17 as a result of a diving accident. Her latest book is called, “The Practice of the Presence of Jesus: Daily Meditations on the Nearness of Our Savior.”

‘Journey to Bethlehem’: Writer and Director Adam Anders Previews New Christmas Movie

With Advent a few weeks away, Father Dave welcomes the writer and director of the new Christmas movie-musical “Journey to Bethlehem” hitting theaters Friday! Adam Anders is a four-time Grammy Award nominee and two-time People’s Choice Award winner who spent many years as the executive music producer of the TV show “Glee.” His film “Journey to Bethlehem” retells the story of the Nativity through song and stars Fiona Palomo, Milo Manheim, and Antonio Banderas.

Why is Prayer Sometimes Given as a Penance?

A listener asks Father Dave a question about penance during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. James wonders, “How did something as wonderful as prayer become a Confession punishment?”

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield Discusses Israel-Hamas War

As war between Hamas and Israel continues, Father Dave invites back Rabbi Brad Hirschfield to help bring context to this complicated world issue.

Postpartum Faith: Resources for the Hard Days of Early Motherhood

While the birth of a new child brings immense joy, the first few months of parenting can also be daunting. Father Dave welcomes author and liturgical minister Jessica Mannen Kimmet to discuss her book for new moms, “Groaning in Labor, Growing in Hope: Scripture Reflections for the Hard Days of Early Motherhood.

Overcoming Loneliness: A Catholic Therapist Shares the Keys to Building Meaningful Connection

Earlier this year, the surgeon general called loneliness a public health crisis and underscored its devastating impact in our society. Father Dave welcomes Regina Boyd, Catholic licensed mental health counselor and marriage and family therapist, to discuss this and her new book, “Leaving Loneliness Behind: 5 Keys to Experiencing God's Love and Building Healthy Connections with Others.

‘A Message in the Moon’: Roma Downey Shares Message of Hope in New Children’s Book

Father Dave welcomes back actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author Roma Downey to discuss her new children’s book, “A Message in the Moon.

Father Dave Breaks Down the Synod on Synodality

Have you heard about the Synod currently going on in Rome, but aren’t exactly sure what it means? Father Dave explains the history and discusses some aspects of the current Synod on Synodality.

Feeling Stuck in Prayer? Dr. Edward Sri Shares Inspiration for Spiritual Dry Spells

Prayer is a key component of our faith lives, but it does not always come easily. Father Dave welcomes back friend of the show Dr. Edward Sri to discuss his new book and online study, “When You Pray: A Clear Path to a Deeper Relationship with God.

Why Aren’t Some Catholics More Outwardly Joyful During Mass?

Father Dave answers a question of faith about one listener’s experience at Mass. Lance asks, “I've recently started attending a Catholic Church. I was raised Pentecostal, and this has been one of the biggest adjustments: Everything sounds so monotone and somber. I keep wanting to ask people, ‘You're on the winning side, why so sad?’”