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Dr. Angela Gorrell on the Gravity of Joy

Guest host Fr. Stuart Wilson-Smith chats with Dr. Angela Gorrell about her new book, “The Gravity of Joy: A Story of Being Lost and Found,” which reflects on finding joy in the midst of suffering.

Theologian Brett Salkeld on Vaccines and the Catholic Church

Guest host Fr. Stuart Wilson-Smith chats with theologian Brett Salkeld about how the Catholic Church’s relationship with vaccines has evolved over time, and the morality of the various COVID vaccines available today.

Gia Chacón on Working to End Christian Persecution

Gia Chacón, humanitarian and founder of For the Martyrs, discusses Christian persecution in our world today.

Gloria Purvis Reflects on Black History Month and the Black Catholic Experience

Catholic speaker, author, and former host of the “Morning Glory” radio show Gloria Purvis discusses Black History Month and how the Church can better serve Black Catholics.

Fr. Jim Martin on the Many Different Ways to Pray

Jesuit priest and Editor of America Media, Fr. Jim Martin, S.J. discusses his new book, “Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone.”

Dr. Scott Hahn on the Role of Religion in Society

Theologian Dr. Scott Hahn discusses his new  book, “It is Right and Just: Why the Future of Civilization Depends on True Religion,” which argues that religion is not only relevant to justice and law, but is necessary for civilization to thrive. 

Father Dave Explains 2021 Ash Wednesday Guidelines

Father Dave explains the Vatican’s new guidelines for distributing ashes on Ash Wednesday due to the pandemic.

Jason Evert on Freedom From Lust

Jason Evert, Catholic speaker, author, and founder of The Chastity Project, discusses his new program created with Matt Fradd, “Forged: 33 Days Towards Freedom.” 

A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Claire Dwyer, Editor of Spiritualdirection.com discusses her new book, “The Present Paradise: A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.”

Grieving a Loved One’s Loss to Suicide

Bishop John Dolan and Deacon Ed Schoener discuss their Catholic resources “When A Loved One Dies by Suicide: Comfort, Hope and Healing for Grieving Catholics” and “Responding to Suicide: A Pastoral Handbook for Catholic Leaders.”