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Bishop Barron on The Real Presence in the Eucharist

Ash Wednesday Preaching Advice

Rabbi Brad on Absalom and Experiencing God’s Love for Us

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield chats with Father Dave and Christina about a recent homily preached by Pope Francis. 

Sarah Maurer

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week With Sr. Marie Pappas

Sr. Marie Pappas, fellow Catholic Channel host and former Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of New York, chats with Father Dave about Catholic education during National Catholic Schools Week. 

How Do I Accept Those I Disagree With?

Father Dave Convinces You: Why Holy Days of Obligation are Important

In a new segment called “Father Dave Convinces You,” a listener named Julie asks Father Dave to convince her why she should attend Mass on holy days of obligation. She explains that she understands why going to Mass on Sundays is important, but challenges that there is no biblical evidence for holy days.

The Two Popes

Film director, producer and screenwriter Fernando Meirelles sits down with Father Dave to discuss his new film, “The Two Popes,” which chronicles the friendship between Pope Benedict XVI and the future Pope Francis through a series of imagined conversations.

NT Wright on the Historical Context of the New Testament

NT Wright, award-winning author and New Testament scholar, stops by the show to discuss his new book, “The New Testament in Its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians.”

The Power of the Magnificat

Catholic author and speaker Sonja Corbitt discusses her new book, “Exalted: How the Power of the Magnificat Can Transform Us.”