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Servant Leadership

What Are O Antiphons?

What are O Antiphons, and are they only used during Advent?

Sister Bethany Madonna on the Gift of Vocation

Sister Bethany Madonna of the Sisters of Life sits down with Father Dave at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis to discuss vocations and what she has learned about responding to God’s love.

Joanne Rogers on the Legacy of Mr. Rogers

Ruth Graham

Before and After Car Wash

Thursday of the Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave compares life before and after conversion. He explains that there should be a difference in the way we live after we encounter Christ. He encourages us to be a witness of our "before and after" for others. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 10-24-19

Fr. Chirs Alar on Finding Hope After a Loved One’s Suicide

Why Do We Bless Ourselves During Mass?

A listener named Katrine asks, “Why do we bless ourselves during Mass?” She’s noticed people making the sign of the cross during certain parts of the Mass, and wonders if we’re required to do so at specific times.

J.C. Beichner on Healing and Conversion After Abortion

Author, speaker and pro-life advocate J.C. Beichner discusses her book, “Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken.” J.C. shares her experience with abortion and offers encouragement to those who have suffered through it.

Why Isn't the Eucharist Mentioned in the Creed?

A listener named Terry asks, “Why isn’t the Eucharist mentioned in the Creed?” She explains that her Catechism students were wondering why such an important part of our faith isn’t mentioned.